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International Internet Categorization System (IICS)

Overview & Awards

This initial version of IconFind Categorize is meant to provide a simple but effective tool for the categorization of web pages and sites for the internet as well as for intranets.  Future versions will have substantial enhancements including a fully interactive interface for categorization.  We encourage all comments and input.   Send comments and feedback to

Download and Use

IconFind Categorize 1.0 is ready to use upon downloading and does not need any further installation process.  The IconFind Categorize 1.0 folder contains the Categorization_Tool (html file), an IICS Manual (pdf file) and a Readme document (pdf file).

To begin categorizing your pages to the International Internet Categorization System (IICS) simply double-click on the Categorization_Tool icon.  If you need any help use the online links provided or consult the IICS Manual.

System Requirements

IconFind Categorize 1.0 will run on virtually all platforms including Windows , Linux and Mac.  Speed and memory requirements are minimal and should not be a factor.

Download ICONFIND CATEGORIZE 1.0 by clicking on the link below:

IconFind Categorize 1.0.zip (1.2MB)

IconFind, Inc. reserves all rights governing the use and distribution of IconFind Categorize 1.0.  The technology and methods of IconFind Categorize 1.0 are patented and/or protected by copyright.

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