International Internet
Categorization System (IICS)

The first practical international system for organizing, searching and retrieving material on the Internet


The patented technology of the International Internet Categorization System (IICS) organizes and gives access to the contents of the Internet in a way that enables people to save significant amounts of time as they quickly find the material they are seeking. This eliminates frustrating delays and irrelevant search results. Searches that previously took many minutes will now take only a fraction of the time and will be accomplished with a far greater degree of thoroughness. IconFind technology also provides the ability to organize and search for digital material based on the material's copyright status.

In addition, it will now be possible to protect minors from accessing sexually explicit sites in an effective, noninstrusive manner that respects the rights of everyone. Also, it is universal and transcends all cultural and linguistical barriers.


The categories and copyright status options along with symbols are shown below in a sample interface.

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