Protection of Minors

Protecting minors from pornography while preserving the free flow of information


With the use of IconFind technology it is now possible to give adults the means to prevent children from accessing sexually explicit sites. This will place the solution to the problem of juveniles and pornography where it belongs, in the hands of parents. Simply stated, IconFind will accomplish everything that pornography-filtering software attempts to do without any of the inherent disadvantages that accompany such software.


Once IconFind's option of protecting minors is selected, only material of a pornographic or sexually explicit nature will be restricted. It will not interfere with access to information that contains sexual content that is scientific, cultural, medical or social in nature nor will it accidentally eliminate from search results any sites that do not have pornographic content as is currently happening with the crude and ineffective software now being used.
Due to the way in which the Protection of Minors Option has been designed and developed, the difficult issue of pornography on the Internet can be resolved without burdensome and often unenforceable legislation. Because of this, providers of sexually explicit material will find it in their own self-interest, both financially and politically, to voluntarily participate in this solution.
Across America and much of the world, libraries and schools are caught in the raging controversy of minors accessing pornography. This has placed librarians and teachers in the middle of a dispute involving groups which include civil libertarians, religious organizations, politicians and parents. The choice should not be either the First Amendment or the protection of children. Now, with IconFind, both are possible and neither are mutually exclusive.


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