From New York to Paris to Bangkok to Nairobi, information without borders, accessible to all


As usage of the Internet expands to more regions of the globe it will continue to involve people of many nationalities and languages. Though geographical borders lose their restrictive nature in this medium of the Internet it is important to remember that cultural and linguistical barriers remain. To remove these remaining obstacles to the free flow of information IconFind has created a user interface that makes it possible for people of widely divergent backgrounds to organize and retrieve material from the Internet.


English has become the default language of the Internet in a way similar to its use in international transportation and science. This has led to an inequality in the way information is indexed and searched which, in turn, has placed a greater emphasis on content from North America. This not only hurts the countries who are under represented but also every individual and organization who is not able to get full and complete access to material written in another language. Also, even in countries where English is spoken as a second language, there is resentment over what is perceived as cultural dominance. This is another reason why IconFind's solution to this problem is so timely and important.

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